Producer Cam Fletch Gets Personal With New Song ‘Side Effects’

Stemming from real-life experiences and moments of vulnerability come some of the greatest works of art – especially for a creative. For producer Cam Fletch, that art is his latest song, ‘Side Effects‘.

A six-minute song, Side Effects, features six singers; Brikliam, LaMarcus Eldridge, Mark Echols Jr, Johnny Thomas Jr, Chris Jackson, and Jeff Echols. In their own way, the extraordinary talents capture how life’s most traumatizing events lead to suicidal thoughts and actions – easing the pain for one while creating pain for others.

Ever wanted to take your last breath? Well, I have
Cause I’ve felt like I’ve given all I have
Never knew those highs leave me so low
Dealing with this pain on my solo

The feelings of anguish and heartbreak are all too familiar to the Connecticut native. Opening up about his own battle with depression, Fletch admitted to trying to take his own life, six years ago.

“I really credit one of my best friends, Tye, because he’s the one that reminded me that I had too much to lose,” he said. “I have a son, I have family and friends that love me. I needed to know that.”

Side Effects precedes the release of a 25-minute short film the producer will release early next month. Directed by Wes Joseph, the film, (also entitled Side Effects) highlights various scenarios where suicide appears to be the only way of escape for the main characters. Pairing together the song and the film, Fletch anticipates the project’s impact and the awareness it will raise.

“I really just want people to know that there is somebody that cares for you,” he said. “There’s more to live for and in those dark moments, we don’t always realize that. ”

Check out Side Effects: