How This Multimedia Specialist Uses Her Platform To Inspire Growth

Kristy Love is unapologetic in her pursuit to fulfilling purpose.

As a mindset and goal coach, Kristy Love is determined to use her platform to encourage her clients (and herself) to push beyond barriers. After all, she is the “affirmation guru.”

A Detroit native, Kristy’s dedication to walking in purpose trails as far back to her undergraduate years at Eastern Michigan University.  There she studied electronic media and film with hopes of one day becoming a media phenomenon. Upon graduation, Kristy discovered that becoming was one thing, but building an “it” factor that would last, would be another.

Kristy Love

“I needed a change. I started reading self-help books after ending a terrible relationship and from those reads, I knew I wanted to create a platform that would help others.”

So, Kristy set out to do just that.

Her first show, My Media Melody provided a behind-the-scenes look into internships using Kristy’s personal experience as reference. It offered students guidance on what to expect (and gain) from theirs. That guidance would later inspire Kristy to take it up a notch and begin training to add “Coach” to her resume.

In 2016, Kristy became a coach with the intention to help shift the mindset of the black community. With her program, Kristy provides her clients with actionable steps to finding (and doing) what they love.  

Using her platform to inspire and uplift is just one component of Kristy’s vision. The other is bringing about true change.

“You have to become a leader in order to see the shift,” she said. “I’m involved in the community, I volunteer…you have to do the work, and I do.”

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