4 Types of Girlfriends You Need in Your Corner

“Ooh in a nineties kind of world, I’m glad I got my girls!”

plural noun: girlfriends

  1. a woman’s female friend.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who still gets glued to the couch anytime Living Single comes on. Growing up, I remembered watching Living Single and Girlfriends, thinking to myself “I can’t wait to get older and have a solid group of friends like this.” I also wondered which one I would be more like? Of course we all want to be the BOSS -independent, taking on every challenge with force. But what happens when life gets the best of you? That’s usually the perfect place for your girlfriends to step in.

I recently took a poll on the type of girlfriends every woman needs in their life.
And the responses? YASS.


In any circle of girlfriends , you’ll more than likely find the following: the Bougie, the Boss, the Feminist, and the Sweetheart. While these “titles” are fine,  let’s keep it real –friendships go through real things.

Friendships are much more than cute girls trips, shopping sprees, and coffee every other Saturday morning. If you ask me, true friendship is ministry and a spiritual bond.

Here are 4 types of girlfriends you need in life.

The Honest Friend


The honest friend gives it to you straight, because let’s be real, you need to hear it.

The honest friend knows how to tell you about yourself and then be there to patch the wound, over a glass of wine. There’s no one like the honest friend, and even though she may get on your nerves and you may not want to hear it, you know she is your judgement-free zone. You can trust her with your innermost secrets. You need her.

The Prayer Warrior


While there was not a praying friend on the show, let me tell you she’s needed!

The praying friend is the one who can call down Jesus himself on your behalf. She speaks life into your situation and into you.  She is the one who even on a good day, will tell you to “get your life!” and then confirm that declaration with an “Amen.”
The Motherly Friend


The Motherly friend, is the one that will listen and tell you to “do the right thing”.

She’s the voice of reason, the gentle giant that loves you no matter how many times you keep going back to him. She’s the protector that adds the mother’s touch to your situation. She encourages you every step of the way and is always the shoulder you need to lean on.

*claps fists in the air*


This friend, HONEYYYY, don’t let her see you crying, or upset because she swings first and asks questions later! This friend will be there to the very end, and she doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it. She is someone you can truly appreciate because even though you may have to calm her down in the midst of you being upset, you know that she’s a true ride-or-die.

Girlfriends are a core piece of our lives, they are our outlet and our protectors outside of our families. Appreciate and love on your girls because a solid group of friends is hard to come by.


“With my homegirls standing to my left and my right… True blue, it’s tight like glue!”



Tatyanna Goodwin (@tatyanna.__) is a lover of Christ, globetrotting, all things fashion, and words.

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