How This Entrepreneur is Healing the World One City at a Time

“When you are in the middle, you are neither first nor last, you’re just there.”

For Laurinda Andujar, merely being there would never suffice.

A middle child of four, the Florida native has always had a desire to stand out. So much so that she has built a career establishing herself as an author and entrepreneur. Her journey however, hasn’t always been a walk in the park.

Laurinda Andujar


Laurinda is a survivor, first – having battled a myriad of challenges including depression and attempted suicide. These challenges would later serve as the driving forces behind her commitment to refining the trajectory of her life and igniting a desire to see others whole and healthy.

With her two organizations, SheBlinked and Heal the City, Inc., she’s doing just that.

With Heal the City, Inc., Laurinda tackles tough topics like domestic violence, childhood trauma, grief, addiction and more. A certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Corporate Trainer by trade, Laurinda dedicates her efforts to ultimately heal the world, one city at a time.

Simultaneously, Laurinda runs SheBlinked LLC, a public speaking company that assists organizations and individuals with personal and professional growth. Specializing in areas of leadership transformation, SheBlinked helps to bridge the gap between human and business connection by believing that one must overcome personal fears, in order to be successful professionally.

52929870_2076097262426009_3441740508999712768_o (2).jpg

Laurinda believes that it is her social responsibility to give back – she’s determined to stand in that power and truth. The mother of three boys (and one angel), Laurinda’s efforts have been worldly recognized by many platforms including Fox 44, NBC 33, and Medium.

Whether she’s speaking to a group of college students or serving as a panelist for the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Laurinda is doing her part in leaving the world better than she found it. After all, it is her life mission.


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