5 Things I Want the MTA to Improve

By Geralda Moise

As a Bronx native, born, raised and adulting-in, I have never been a fan of public transportation. Before Uber/Lyft was even a thing, I had my local cab service on speed dial.

But, that all changed when I decided to embark on a very humbling journey –making the most use of the MTA.

I know. What was I thinking?

Within these 90 days, I have faced almost every reason why I’ve grown to despise public transportation. Realizing my complaining will more than likely go unheard, I’ve decided to be proactive and, create a list of things I would change.

If you’re as frustrated as I am, you’ll understand my sentiments on a spiritual level, I’m sure.

My 5 Things:

  1. After all of the “work” they’ve put in, I’d like to get to my destination in a timely manner. And, that’s without having to leave 2 hours before GoogleMaps’ suggested departure time.
  2. The replacement of trains from the 90’s. Clearly the newer models allow for more wiggle room during rush hour, USE THEM.
  3. Courteous/pleasant MTA employees— specifically train operators and bus drivers. Why are they always mad?
  4. A warm area for those less fortunate. With the cost per ride currently at $2.75 (and rising), I’m sure we can spare some change for a heated area— DURING THE WINTER. Right?
  5. Working elevators and escalators. What’s the actual point of having them if they’re always out of service?! Asking for a friend.

Have more to add to the list? Comment below what you would change to ensure a more pleasant experience when traveling with MTA.

See something. Say something. Please.


Geralda is a Social Media Editor and Writer at The New Journalist.