The Hope Dealer

Evan Spaulding expects nothing, less greatness.

His expectation exceeds far beyond a simple motto or mantra. It’s not a trend but, it’s a lifestyle.  One that can be traced back to his upbringing.

“I was 19 working in group homes and helping people with disabilities,” he said. “That experience gave me a positive look on life that I wanted to share with others.”

A 29-year-old native of Newark, New Jersey, Evan is a self-taught American television host/ on-air personality, that’s starting to see the fruits of his labor.


Evan Spaulding

An alumni of Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Evan’s career began in broadcast radio as the co-host of Dr. Albert Lewis’ Gospel Hour on 1070 AM Harvest Radio. He went on to launch his own show, The Evan Show, before branching off into other endeavors. But, it was only a matter of time before Evan discovered that his vibrant personality, wit and charm were far too powerful to be confined to behind-the-scenes.

So, he transitioned to in front of the camera,

“When I started out, I wore shades because I was terrified,” he laughingly shared. “I wasn’t trying to be cool, I swear.  Now, I’m comfortable because I was consistent with it.”

It was Evan’s consistency that enabled him to land a plethora of opportunities that many dream of. He is the host of MTV’s International’s “Grossbusters”, the host of #TuesdayTVTips on YouTube, and has hosted Auntie Anne’s Trick Shot Challenge & Twisted Creations. He’s even starred in the independent film Daily Hustle.

With his success, Evan maintains humility and a desire to inspire others to pursue their dreams as well. Consistently, Evan reaches thousands of people through various social media platforms. He’s even been featured on outlets like LIRM, Asia One, The Black Media & The Huffington Post.

“I learned that you can’t wait for perfection. Do it at the level that you are at,” he said. “People want to see your progression. You have to start somewhere.”

One can conclude that it’s this philosophy, optimism and wisdom that has crowned Evan, “The Hope Dealer.”  Because for Evan, his purpose is more than lights-camera-action. It’s all about what he can do for others.

“Honestly, If I eliminated my brands, I would probably still be helping people,” he said. “It’s what I do.”


Connect with Evan:
Facebook: Evan Spaulding
Twitter: @Evantheshow 
Instagram: @Evantheshow