All About Depression: What You Need to Know

By Geralda Moise

At one point or another, we all have gone through unfortunate, stressful, and overwhelming times. With these times have come a range of emotions that in some cases, were unpredictable to handle. One might think this is a sign of depression. Truth be told, not in every case.

Experts say that depression is based on the length of time these feelings last. Other factors may include possible genetic traits and contributing factors. Being the second most common mental health disorder, depression not only affects the way you feel but, also the way  you think or act.

Here are a few signs, triggers and tips pertaining to depression. Take a look.

Signs of Depression


  1. Grouchiness.
  2. Uncommunicative.
  3. Indescribable aches and pains.


  1. Trouble sleeping. (too much or too little)
  2. An immense amount of negative thoughts.
  3. Heightened aggression or irritability.
  4. Decreased interest in everyday life.
  5. Abnormal weight loss or weight gain.

Depression Triggers

  1. Dramatic changes in a relationship or within life.
  2. Death of a loved one.
  3. Health conditions.
  4. Abuse of alcohol and other drugs.
  5. A sudden increase in stress levels.

Tips to Deal With Depression

  1. Meditate! Try deep breathing exercises, at least 5 minutes a day.
  2. Exercise! This allows dopamine (positive emotions) to be released.
  3. Get adequate sleep! Look into alarms that can help your morning routine be more positive. (I.e. mood lights, diffused scented oils, etc.)
  4. Adjust your diet! JUNK FOOD IS NOT OUR FRIEND!
  5. Contact your primary care physician.

A Fact: Women are twice as likely  to suffer from depression, than men.