Tackling Mass Incarceration: The Alliance of Families for Justice

In a world where incarceration rates plague communities of color, the Alliance of Families for Justice is here take a stand.

One if its kind, the Alliance of Families for Justice seeks to end mass incarceration by educating and empowering people with criminal records and their families through referrals and services.

“It is the only organization that totally focuses on the families of incarcerated people with a holistic approach that encompasses support, empowerment and mobilization,” Executive Director, Soffiyah Elijah shared with TNJ.


Leading the charge to end mass incarceration, Elijah advocates and spearheads the organization’s mission with a resilience that is to be reckoned with and admired. She even has the help of founding board member, actor and activist, Danny Glover.

“At AFJ, we create a safe space with an empathetic ear that enables families and individuals traumatized by incarceration to heal and rejuvenate,” she added.

To capitalize on the momentum of their impactful work, the organization is planning regional conferences to take throughout the year. The first conference kicks off this weekend in NYC.

The conference will also provide attendees with the opportunity to build a network and connect with advocacy organizations. In essence, these conferences will serve as opportunities to shape the collective vision and the specific actions needed to make a difference.

“The objective of the conference is to explore the impact of incarceration on families and communities through first-hand accounts and devise strategies to counter that impact.”

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