Modernizing the Art of Giving: Camp Ryan Kicks Off The Good Weekend

They say the best things in life are free. 

By Geralda Moise

Camp Ryan has been making a difference since 2015.

Believing that any time is a good time to help others, Camp Ryan was founded by three educators, passionate about giving back. Since its launch, Cameron McDonald, Ryan Davis and Panama Chavis have taken great pride in providing unique volunteer programs throughout Harlem, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx.

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(from left to right: Ryan Davis, Cameron McDonald, Panama Chavis)

Their mission is one that resonates with many – “to bridge the gap between intention and action by creating the world’s premier ecosystem for positive action.”

Their flagship program, The Good Weekend, kicks off this Easter weekend.

An extension of Good Friday, The Good Weekend is a series of community service experiences in the New York City area. With the help of energetic and just as passionate participants, The Good Weekend is dedicated to “give back to others as those who have given to us.” In essence, its purpose is to change the narrative of what service truly means. Because at Camp Ryan, service is limitless.

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Join Camp Ryan this Easter weekend as they host “The Good Weekend.” From March 30th to April 1st, experience the joys of being a blessing to others by feeding the less fortunate (Pizza Perfect Pizza Party) or by helping to create a beautiful atmosphere in an urban community (Blox By Blox).

To learn more information or to register as a volunteer visit Camp Ryan.