Why Netflix’s Monthly Prices Are Increasing

Time to share subscriptions. I got $5 on it.  

Brace yourself (and your bank account), Netflix’s monthly fee is increasing to $10.99.


Reason being? The streaming service is adding more television shows, movies and new product features to improve the overall viewer experience. New features include being able to watch your favorite show, without wi-fi. MAJOR. KEY.

If you’re not here for the price change, Disney says they’ll be rolling out their own steaming service, in 2019. They do promise that it will be substantially cheaper than their competitors.  In the meantime, Netflix is reminding customers of the option to cancel membership at any time.

Netflix’s fee increase is to begin going in effect on December 16th.  Customers will receive an email notification a month before their next billing cycle.

Happy Netflix-and-Chill! (maybe. maybe not.)

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