How to Own It: Talking Success with Kelley Green

The empowerment coach talks facing one’s fears, pursuing your passions and succeeding in 2017. 

Kelley Green is Perfectly Imperfectthe best version of herself.


She’s intelligent and compassionate. She exudes goodwill and positivity despite having had her share of triumphs and disappointments.  In her own words, she’s “blessed with abundance.” She’s inspiring, she’s influential.

The 28-year-old Queens native is an empowerment coach, speaker and newly-crowned author,(her first book, Perfectly Imperfect is available for order now) who’s mastered the art of using her wisdom to help guide and offer insight to others.

“A few years ago, I experienced multiple losses within 6 months,” she shared, “I was transitioning from living in LA pursuing an acting career to moving back to NY and I was concerned about the direction I was going in.”

To motivate and encourage herself of her own gifts and talents, Kelley began posting inspirational quotes that resonated with her to her social media platforms. What began as a hobby, forged a path towards what the self-love enthusiast says is her passion – helping others.


“There’s always this shift between what you should be doing and what people want you to do, right?,” she said. “I had to ask myself ‘what do I feel called to do?’ and that is being who people can confide in and empowering them to be successful.”

Embarking on the road to success is not for the faint-hearted. Kelley says it takes great courage and sacrifice to pursue one’s heart’s desire. Here are her tips on how to challenge your fears, pursue your passion and still succeed in 2017:

1a. Be still and assess.

“As cliché as it may sound, before you do anything, you have to be still and be quiet.  Wait for your answer. Have that conversation with yourself, with God or whoever you believe in, where you’re asking yourself what is my passion? Take time to really think about it.”

1b. The importance of self-reflection

“Where are you in your personal life? Sometimes, we’re so focused on excelling professionally but not personally. Assess where you are and the direction you want to go in.” 

2. Identify and jot down your passions.

“As you’re writing, see what calls out to you the most. Seeing your passions and gifts written down on paper will motivate you to work towards manifesting it.”

3. Make a plan and take a LEAP.
There’s a time and a place for you to figure out your “when.” It takes a lot of courage. Face your fears, be prepared. You won’t go anywhere if you’re being held back by your fears. If there’s a purpose for you, you will get pushed into it. You cannot run from it and if you could, why would you want to?”

4. Major Key: SELF LOVE and Building Confidence 

“Create a mantra for yourself. Write a note to yourself that defines who you are to you, love on yourself because you will be with you, all the time. Remind yourself of your talents and abilities. Do not compare your journey to the next person’s. Your authenticity will stick out. There’s only one you.”

It’s the chapters in her own book that have transformed Kelley into who she is today. She’s achieved, she’s fallen, she’s overcome.

In essence, she gets what it means to have a dream and fight for it – and to do it all while being an open book.

She knows how to own it.


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