For The Culture: OUR Much-Needed Playlist

More than a collection of hits, this one is for US. 

Dimitri says he loves celebrating black culture.

Because of this, the 22-year-old North Carolina A&T student has created music playlists with one mission in mind –to bring everyone together.

“I wanted to bring the Black community together through memorable songs that would bring back good memories. We’ve faced a lot these past few years, police brutality, social injustice and racism. It was only right to make playlists that everyone could enjoy.” 

Negro SpirLITuals, his first playlist, is the perfect blend of records from the 99’s and the 2000’s (LITERALLY. Think Crime Mob, Juvenile and Lil’ Jon…dancing yet?) mixed with the oldies but goodies (think Frankie Beverly and Maze) ending with today’s radio hits.

Dimitri says he’s using his passion for music to one day become a well-known DJ.

“I write music and I sing. My main goal is to be a major icon in the media industry, so expect some great things!”

Since Negro SpirLITuals, Dimitri has released 7 more playlists including: Slow Jams, Old Skool Jamz, 90’s R&B, Joyful Voices, Reggae/Dancehall and his latest, Neo-Soul Jamz.

All playlists are available now on Apple Music.

You’re welcome.


Keep up with Dimitri and his playlists:
Twitter: @TheMelaninKing
Instagram: @cousinmitri