New Music: The Rzistnce

It’s their world and the people need a resistance.

TNJ first introduced you to The Rzistnce in June 2015, when a then 25-year-old  Jay Karnell talked exclusively about his divine gift, his road to finding his niche, and what makes him different in an industry consumed with similarity.

Fast forward to present,  Jay Karnell and his brother, Chuck, better known as The Rzistnce are back with new music, reminding all, whether supporter or critic, that they can do whatever they want.

The Rzistnce: Jay Karnell and Chuck 


Check out “Reign, go away” below.



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Instagram: @The_Rzistnce
Instagram: @Jkarnell_rz (Jay Karnell)
Instagram: @dboy_chuck (Chuck)