Thank You, Mr. President

I remember the excitement.

I remember the tears of joy my mother cried as she screamed and thanked God for the victory. I remember the smile my father couldn’t seem to wipe off his face as he repeatedly said: “He won!”

I was 16, so politics were the least of my interest. But, you couldn’t tell me anything the next day at school. Why? My President was now BLACK. His wife?  BLACK. His daughters? BLACK. Just. Like. Me. History was being made and I was alive to witness it.

I remember the hate, the backlash that came soon after your win. Let’s face it, looking back, it was there during your campaign but we overlooked it and focused on the change we could believe in.

I vividly remember your reelection. (I had something to do with that, you know?)

I remember the joy that came with being (finally) able to vote. I remember the pride I took in the belief that MY vote mattered. No matter what society said, WE were determined to cast our vote.  I remember the rebirth of that sense of hope. It was infectious. Yes, there was still work that needed to be done and we were so eager to join forces with you and boldly shout: TWO TERMS! when you won.

I remember how hard they fought you; they attacked you and tried any and every thing to make you fall. Your resiliency, your confidence, made us love you more. It made us believe in you more. It made us proud to take full ownership of that incomparable magic WE possess.

Mr. President, you made us believe. Not only did we believe in you and your ability to succeed and bring change but we believed in ourselves. For once, we (REALLY) believed in defying the odds. No longer was it cliché, it was REAL and it was happening right before our eyes. We believed (and still do) that we can do anything we set our minds to. You showed us that while it won’t be easy, and the journey will most definitely get ugly, it can be done.

Truth is, I could not and still cannot be prouder to be BLACK. We are royal, we are timeless, we are classic, we are incomparable. This is not just a belief, it’s truth.

For your policies, your advocacy, your strength, your diligence, your love for this country and every American; thank you. For sharing your magic, while simultaneously igniting ours; thank you.

Regardless of what they may say, regardless of how they may try to defame your character; we won’t allow them to destroy your legacy. Know that we are proud of you, we salute you. We thank you.

Job well done, Mr. President.

Thank you.

-A Very Proud Black Queen