The Best Fran Everybody Wants

Simply put, Kendall is LIT.

He’s full of life. He’s charming and extremely outspoken.  His infectious laugh alone is enough to brighten anyone’s day. With his unique personality and consistent positive energy, Kendall is unapologetically himself at all times, effortlessly making him the Best Fran you’ve always wanted.

Kendall Kyndall


A native of Flint, Michigan, 29-year-old Kendall Kyndall is a social media sensation turned soon-to-be television personality. With over 340,000 followers, who he affectionately refers to as his ‘Best Frans’ , Kendall is taking the media world by storm, one hilarious video at a time.

It was exactly one year ago when a then undergraduate,  Kendall, paused from his studies to watch ratchet television also known as: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. After a few moments of wondering ‘how dumb can this get?’, Kendall decided to take to his Instagram, recording a video response to the night’s episode.  Unbeknownst to Kendall, it would be by way of this first video, that the road to popularity and fame would be paved.

“[After posting the video] I put my phone down and about 20 minutes later, my phone was going crazy! I had some people hating but a lot of people were cracking up. People with hundreds and thousands of followers were reposting it. So, the next week, I didn’t do anything and I got a lot of messages with people asking ‘What happened? Where are you?’. That’s how it started and they [the best frans] won’t let me stop.”

For Kendall, stopping is not an option as the demand for his commentary continues to grow day by day. While always eager to engage with his ‘Best Frans’, Kendall says some requests he simply will not honor.

I eat shrimp and I’m way too classy to watch Bad Girls Club. [laughs] I want to protect my brand and I want to make sure I’m getting to where I want to be. I want to be on red carpets, I want to host shows. People will ask me can I do Power? I don’t have those channels, can you pay this cable bill? [laughs]”

While many people may question the authenticity of his personality, Kendall says what you see is truly what you get.




“This is not a character, this is real life. I work, in real life.What you see on Instagram is really what you get in person. I’m just me. There’s nothing that’s hidden. I really am crazy.”

During a time where social media can be both a blessing and a curse, Kendall says he maintains his positive outlook by simply ignoring negative comments. By declaring ‘I eat shrimp’, Kendall let’s the World know that his time and energy are valuable; he knows his worth.

I eat shrimp. [laughs] I won’t say [negative comments] didn’t bother me, like I was never in my feelings. [Some comments] did have me like ‘dannnng!’ If I do see comments, I see them. I don’t go searching. When you go searching and you see it, you can be in your feelings. I don’t want to be that person that reacts to everything. They have their opinion and I have mine.”


Courtesy: Instagram 

For Kendall, whose real name is Andre, posting videos serves as a cathartic release for not only his ‘best frans’ but for him as well.

“I review my videos before I post them, cracking up! They are therapeutic to me because I can be having a bad day and [the videos] are a way for me to vent and not keep it bottled up. What do you do when you’re pissed off? You call your best friends!”

When  Kendall is  not making hilarious videos, he’s a full-time  Human Resources professional. Having studied mass communications, Kendall says he was thrown into the field of HR because of his personality. Since 2012, Kendall says he has been in a career he knew just wasn’t for him.

“At first, it was difficult, which is probably why it took me so long to post. But this is the thing, I have the mindset that I won’t be in HR forever. I have a feeling that things are getting ready to change, there’s about to be a shift.”

Courtesy: Instagram

 A shift Kendall says he prayed heavily for on New Year’s Eve.

“I had prayed and told God where I wanted to be and asked that He block any negative energy and anything that tried to come against me. Like, block it before it even gets to me! Block it before I even see it!’

Firmly believing that his circumstance could not deter his destiny, Kendall says he continuously prayed for guidance when it finally hit him: he had to finish what he started.

“I had stopped going to school because I was making good money. [God] told me to go back to school, I [then] made the video and everything started happening. I had to complete what I started! I wanted to go to college, I wanted my degree and I had to finish that.”

Since defying the odds of social media, Kendall says numerous doors have opened in his favor. The media sensation shared exclusively with #TNJ that he is currently in the final stages of securing his next endeavor: a reality television talk show.

We’ll basically be talking about what’s hot and what’s going on in the reality TV world and of course, I’ll be on there giving my opinion. There will be  5 girls and one guy (me).  We’ll be taping for 13 weeks, the show will air once a week and will be an hour.”

Surprisngly, Kendall’s hustle does not stop there.

Acknowledging the importance of capitalizing on these moments, Kendall recently released a t-shirt line, all coined with some of his witty declarations.

“So,  I found my assistant, he’s the one that came up with the design. It took a minute, we did a lot of arguing and fighting and middle fingers and ‘Bye! I’ll see you another day’ and ‘Call me when you’re ready for real!’  Everybody has been saying ‘My Life LIT’ and ‘I eat Shrimp’ and ‘Lit Morning’. They want these shirts and you have to give them what they want!”

In just one year, Kendall has accomplished a lot and is still doing just that.

Defining himself and his life as ‘LIT’, Kendall says his proudest accomplishment to date would be found in the lives he has touched.

I didn’t know that I touched so many lives like that. I get a lot of people who say I talked them out of suicide. At least now 10 or 11 [people], saying ‘Thank you for sharing your light, I was in such of a dark place. I had the knife and was ready to take myself out or I had the bottle of pills.’ I try and reply to everyone, especially those people. I let them know not to give up because you are here for a purpose and by you ending it, you haven’t completed your purpose.”


For these reasons and more, Kendall Kyndall is indeed the Best Fran Everybody Wants.

He’s LIT.

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