The Style Spotlight with Alexander Jay

“A well put together man is a gentleman in all aspects of this life.”
-Alexander Jay

Written by Alexander Jay, #TheStyleKing 

The Perfect Gentleman 

Courtesy: Pinterest

Happy Thursday, TNJ Fashionistas and Style Gurus!

Today in #TheStyleSpotlight, we’re talking The Perfect Gentlemen.
What is the Perfect Gentleman ?

The Perfect Gentleman is a man who is well put together, treats people with respect and is a leader in all aspects of life. Like the old saying goes: “You can tell how a man carries himself by the way he keeps his clothes and how he smells.” Displayed today, two outfits I’ve styled for our Perfect Gentleman.


Shirt: Dolce & Gabbana White Gold fit shirt
Pants: Thom Browne checked trousers
Jacket:Saint Laurent Signature Motorcycle Jacket
Shoes: AKID Marlow- suede loafers with metallic embroidered bone detail
Boots: Givenchy Leather Boot with buckles and studs
Watch: Gucci Black Dive Watch
Glasses: Stephane + Christian (wire ear shell mirror sunglasses)
Hat: Superduper Men dripping paint wool felt brimmed hat

Look #2

Shirt: Guess Men Canyon plaid shirt
Pants: Gucci Houndstooth pattern jersey pant
Jacket: Denim Jacket with fur collar (, $30.00, #STEAL)
Boots: Saint Laurent Hedi velvet boots
Sneakers: Gucci Dublin Slip on sneakers
Glasses: Sunday+ Somewhere (Valentine Clip-on wire rim round sunglasses)
Hat:Nick fouquet  ‘The Haze’
Belt: Gucci Embossed Interlocking G Belt

You can always found these looks for less by shopping at your local H&M, Zara, Mens21 and Macy’s.