The Style Spotlight with AlexanderJay

With only 5 more weeks left of Summer, let’s prepare for Fall!

In today’s #StyleSpotlight, we’ll  focus on the #StyleGurus with the GQ swag.

TNJ StyleKing.jpeg

Displayed in the image,  I have styled a embroidered camp printed cotton shirt by Valentino ($600) paired with these dope long black buckle trousers by Topman ($78).

Fellas, this is an example of how you can mix and match your pieces to make a suave outfit. Your whole outfit doesn’t have to be expensive. There are piece out here in the fashion world that are more stylish and less expensive than designer clothes.

Now, if your wondering why I have displayed two sets of accessories and shoes, I have the answer for you. I know every man isn’t a boot and fedora kind of man or you’re looking to take your look from day to night.

On the casual side, I have styled a Hurley shipshape black beanie for the head-wear and “rockrunner” sneakers by Valentino for the feet. If you’re going to The Village Underground, dinner or just out for the evening, these Saint Lauren “Devon” Chelsea boots paired with this over the top Topman Simon and Mary grey wool hat will spice up your look. For the final touches, these round black sunglasses by Topman and Rayban will give you an edge and what man doesn’t enjoy a good Rolex on the arm.

Fellas, you can shop at your local H&M, Zara, Mens21 and Macy’s for these looks for less. Enjoy getting ready for the Fall!

-Your #StyleKing,  AlexanderJay

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