Capturing Moments: Meet Stephanie Smith

Changing lives, one snap at a time.

Stephanie Smith is an office manager, but in her leisure, she’s a photographer with an impactful mission. That is, to make children with special needs aware of how beautiful they truly are.

Like many photographers, Stephanie can handle it all and charges roughly $125/hour to her clients. However, her photo-shoots with those who have special needs are free. There is a catch though, Stephanie requests that she gets to take a photo with the children.

“It’s to make them feel important. Make them feel special, make them feel original, and to make them feel no different than any other kid,” Smith told WUSA. “I know the financial strains that special needs families, disabled families have, and it’s a luxury to be able to get family portraits done.”

How sweet! Check out the full video below.§ion=home