A Small Act of Kindness

Meet the men of “We Make Us Better.” A group of individuals from the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn whose mission is one well-needed in today’s society. 

Courtesy: KEH/NEWS

In lieu of a recent presence of robberies, once a week these men walk pedestrians home from the Utica Avenue train station, for free.

41-year-old Richard Beavers says the idea for the group came after a friend of his was robbed.

“She was on her way home, came out of the Utica Ave. A train station and made it onto her block when a group of young males approached her and robbed her,” Beavers told The New York Daily News. I decided we can’t have these people terrorizing our young women and children, and we’re not speaking up and making our presence felt.”

Inspired to make a difference, Beavers brought his idea to his now co-founder Thomas Simms and Kareem Varlack. Together they launched “We Make Us Better” in an effort hopes to spread wisdom to other young men of color in their neighborhood.

Their work will not stop at this particular act of kindness as the men hope to begin a mentoring program in the near future and are currently rallying for the support of local community leaders.

“We Make Us Better” member Titus Mitchell told The New York Daily News that he understands that the young men in his community lack positive  role models and hopes that with the help of this new movement, their future will be changed for the better.