Music Monday: Stheven Rodriguez

“Growing up I’ve always been into music and found it amazing that how one’s words can connect with others around the world and I wanted to do the same with my music.”
 – Stheven Rodriguez

Meet 23-year-old songwriter and musician, Stheven Rodriguez.

stheven 2.jpg

Inspired by the hip-hop legends who came before him, the New Jersey native began composing music at the age of eighteen.  With his talent, Stheven desires to create music that people of all backgrounds can relate to.

Determined to live in his purpose, Stheven released his first mixtape entitled “Escape to Paradise” in 2014. Motivated by the success of this project, Stheven has released eleven singles, making way for a vast fan base.

Pursuing a future career as a Pharmaceutical Chemist, Stheven is currently studying biology.

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Be sure to check out Stheven’s latest song Wake Up America  and connect with him on all of his social media accounts.

Instagram: Stevefr0
Facebook: Stevefr0