Sabra’s Slay

Peace, love and abundance, y’all.

She moves to the beat of her own drum. Literally.

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Her talents are incomparable to any other and her confidence is one to be envied. With her presence, she commands your attention. More than a dancer, her years of study prove that she is an artist.

For Sabra, dance is more than an extracurricular activity. Dance is her passion, a passion she’s just beginning to share with the world.

Beginning at the tender age of 2 and a half, Sabra says her love for dance came from watching her mom teach classes.

“She would give me a balloon and tell me to be quiet [laughs], she believes that’s where I started to soak up dancing,” a reminiscent Sabra shared.

Sabra says her studies started with ballet and then advanced to tap and jazz. A proud alumna of the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan, Sabra gradated in the top 10% of her class and held the title of Vice President. (insert major “yasss” here) Following high school, she went on to study at the University of the Arts, receiving her degree in dance education, becoming one of two dance majors at the university.

Her accomplishments and accolades evidently served as a display of her work ethic, so it was only right that she landed a spot dancing with Teyana Taylor.

“I auditioned with Teyana in July 2014 for her music video for “Maybe” and from the music video they were like ‘we’re going on tour with August Alsina next week, we’re going to keep a few dancers from this. There were about 6 dancers and two dancers were kept. Me and Coco, Hey Coco! We opened for August Alsina, 45 minute set, from August through September. That led to spot dates at different colleges and universities throughout the year. I love touring! The last run we did was the One hell of a Night tour this passed summer, opening for Chris Brown.”

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Reflecting on her journey, Sabra admits that her passion is quite often, challenging.

“[Dance] is the hardest thing in my life to do but that’s what keeps me on it. Every time I’m like “oh I don’t want to do this anymore,” something new comes. Even tonight, I wasn’t sure if I should do this class but then I get to meet new beautiful people and you get it, it makes it worth while. I love teaching.”

Sabra (far left) with Teyana Taylor.
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A firm believer in being a blessing to others, in addition to being inspired by her closest friends, Sabra launched Sabra Bailey’s Dance Workshop five years ago.

“Growing up, my friends would always say ‘let’s make up a dance!’ It started with [teaching children] I did a summer program with ages 2-15 at Kennedy Park. This is my 5th year and it’s just now really picking up and getting a lot of attention. This is mine, this is my baby!”

With a story as intriguing as such, one can only wonder what’s next for the dance phenomenon.

“I just moved to Cali and it’s an adjustment. I’m adjusting to the weather (which I love) I’m adjusting to the time zone, I don’t get any sleep. I’m adjusting to the people. The East Coast has its own aggression, that fiery side, we gotta get things done. [On the West Coast] it’s like ‘Why do you want to go work today? Lets go to the beach.’ Its very laid back. I’m finding the balance between work and play.”

Through it all, Sabra says she’s blessed with the anointing to dance.

“Right now, I’m in kind of the fight for success, not really wanting to conform to being just a backup dancer. I’m an artist, I have a story to tell. I have things to share and to give back. If I can be blessed I want to be a blessing!”

In other words:

“I love you. You love you. Ya dig?!”
-Sabra aka SLAYbra

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