My Favorite Girl: A Salute to Phenomenal Mothers

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”
-Robert Browning

She has birthed life, the ultimate blessing. It is her greatest joy. She has loved unconditionally, she has reprimanded sternly.By instinct, she has protected. Defined by all of the above, she has raised and continues to do so, effortlessly.

She is a mother.

Today, as tradition, people everywhere are celebrating and honoring the mother and/or mother figures in their lives. As way of observing this special day, TNJ launched #MyFavoriteGirl, A Salute to Phenomenal Mothers. With this campaign, we desired to provide a platform for all readers to submit touching tributes to the incredibly phenomenal mothers in their lives. Acknowledgments that boldly pay tribute and share with all why you love your #FavoriteGirl.

Check out the extraordinary #MyFavoriteGirl submissions below.

WARNING: Get those tissues ready!

#MyFavoriteGirl Chavonne 

“My sister is an incredible mother. Not only is she a mother of 4 young children but she does this while maintaining a full time job from home working for the Hilton. Her oldest child is 6 and her youngest is 6 months. Did I mention her 6 month year old are twins so there’s two of them. She is a real life super woman. Exceptional in every way. She manages to take care of my beautiful nieces and nephew while having great spirit. My sister is my role model, my diary and ideal mother I hope to be. This woman is truly my Bestfriend and I hope this makes you feel appreciated. You deserve the world and more. Love you!”
-Koren, Queens, NY

#MyFavoriteGirl Monique

“Our Mommy, Our favorite Girl, and Our phenomenal mother.
When it’s cold outside she’s surely the month of May.
Our mother has an infectious Joy and laughter.
Our mother Tailor-made her family to be the family she dreamt of as a child.
A home built to be Warm loving and supporting.
Our mother led her household as an example of what it is to be a mother strong, fair, kind, selfless and nurturing.
Our mother is more than a mother, she’s always been our best friend, Monique Young.”


“I will always love my mother
She is indeed my favorite girl
When they say you only get one
I’m blessed to have her as that one
Monique lashawn young
The definition of a real mother
One whom loves her children unconditional
Filled us with love wholeheartedly
She a perfect role model
I even view her as a super hero
My superhero
My mom
The shoulder I lean on when times are rough
The voice I listen to
My inspiration
My motivator
My cheerleader
A phenomenal woman
My mother
Monique Young”

-Jeanette and Jahnique, Long Island, NY

#MyFavoriteGirl Davida

“My mother is one of the most selfless people I know. For a woman who only has one child, she loves everyone’s kids like they are her own. She nurtures, she listens, she’s understanding, she’s funny, hard-working, smart, and non-judgmental. She’s always there for me when I need her, and is willing to go to the moon and back if I needed her to. She’s my #1 supporter, and helps me to be better… That’s why she’s my favorite girl.”
Brinet, Brooklyn, NY

#MyFavoriteGirl Gia

“I celebrate a woman whose strength carries me through, whose prayers keep me covered and whose wisdom keeps me encouraged. My inspiration and role model, she is a biological mother of two but a “Mommy” “Ma”and “Mama Hall” to her many “adopted children.”  She’s strong yet doesn’t hide the struggles she has had to overcome. Never shedding a tear without explaining the reap of what she knows her tears sow, she smiles to show her children that God’s plan is bigger than us. Besides, she says “it takes less muscles in your face to smile than to frown”.

A God fearing woman, my mother makes sure that my sister and I know that if she doesn’t get us (or you) God will (lol). We will forever hold on to what she has instilled in us. She always gets us with her sayings “Remember to always act like a lady, even if it kills you…or i will (lol) because you never know who’s watching and you represent me!”

‘It’s the fire in her eyes, and the flash of her teeth, the swing in her waist, and the joy in her feet. She is a woman, phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s my mommy.’
-Sayble, Queens, NY

#MyFavoriteGirl Jackie


“To the best woman I know…

You instilled within me a pride that will elude many in this life. The pride of being a strong Black woman. You prepared me as you were paving my way; I am eternally grateful. There is a bond between us that I hope I can share with my own girls. I love you mom.”
-Lauren, Long Island, NY

From the Desk of The New Journalist

#MyFavoriteGirl Marilyn
“I cannot imagine what my life would be without an incredible mother like you.  You are so poised and so strong. By your example, I have learned the true essence of grace. A class act, you truly are one of a kind. I thank God for the blessing that is you. For your love, protection, wisdom and prayers, I thank you. You shared with me that you prayed the moment you knew you were carrying life, and you’ve been praying ever since. May you see the manifestation of the many prayers and tears you have sown. I love you forever. I’m committed to making you proud of the daughter you love so much.”