The Style Spotlight: For The Love of Patterns

“Clothes can make one’s nightlife a great expression.”

It’s time to focus on the great styling of patterns. Some are often intimidated when seeing  different patterns mixed together.  If you’re one of them, #TheStyleKing is here to put you’re worries to rest!



This mixed pattern cocktail dress by is retail valued at $88! Ladies, what a steal! To highlight this dress, I’ve paired the classic (So Kate patent 120mm) Christian Louboutin pumps, with a chic small (Kate monogram ) Saint Laurent bag. Since the dress is so busy, the accessories are to be limited. I’m in love with drama, so I have paired these fabulous Herve Van Der Straeten women broken earrings and classic Michael Kors Catlin mk3332 watch.


When a man dresses with style, you can tell that he is going to conquer the day!

For #TheStyleKing, I’ve pulled this jiggler lord Berlue Aubrey floral shirt matched with suave versus Versace aquarello print trousers. In 2016, a man’s shoe is very important  because it’s one of the final steps to completing his GQ swag. I have paired the Gwaliorissimo flat Christian Louboutin shoes with a River Island green felt trilby hat. To complete the look, these aviator sunglasses by Ray-Ban and Lexington chronograph watch by Michael Kors.

As always, remember you can shop at you’re local H&M, Zara, Forever21 (Mens21), and Macy’s for these looks for less! Have fun with style and patterns, Fashionistas and Style Gurus!

About B&JayStyles

Founded in the Fall of 2012, B&JayStyles is a fashion empire, designed to adhere to the lifestyle needs of men, women and children.

With their mission to help develop their clients’ self-confidence and style knowledge, Chief Executive Officers Basha B and Alexander Jay, possess the admirable ability to effortlessly adapt to the ever-changing styles of the fashion industry. B&JayStyles pursues a vision and passion for fashion while specializing in personal styling, closet makeovers and fashion shows.

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