Rethinking Depression: The Ugly Truth

Truth is, depression is a touchy subject.

Especially among us.


Regardless of how uncomfortable, conversation revolving mental illness and that of depression, is extremely critical.

Earlier today, Buzzfeed News published an article tackling Seasonal Depression, providing 9 solutions to overcoming its battle. SAD, also known as Seasonal Affective Depression is defined as a form of depression that fluctuates as a result of current seasonal patterns. Its symptoms include the persistence of low self-esteem, anxiety and the loss of interest in daily activities.

Stephen Buckley, head of information for the mental health charity Mind told Buzzfeed News, “there are lots of simple, practical things that can be done to help alleviate the symptoms of SAD,”.

Here’s what we learned from the 9 suggestions he, along with mental health experts provided:

  1. Physical activity can lift your energy levels.Get active! You may not want to, but once you get going, chances are you’ll feel much better.
  2. Oh, hey Mr. Sun!Whether indoors or out, Mr. Golden Sun has a way of reducing depression. And yes, I’m singing the nursery rhyme while writing. (Judge free zone, remember?)
  3. Healthy Diet= Happy Life!Comfort foods may help temporarily, but nothing beats SAD symptoms like healthy foods and the energies its consumption produces.
  4. Give your “feel good” hormones a kick!
  5.  Vitamin D(3,4, and 5 all have to do with your diet. Catching a hint?)
  6. Engage in team-building exercises at work.A little exercise never hurt. Now, did it?
  7. Find a hobby, stick to it.Whether it’s reading, drawing, painting, singing, etc., identify a positive hobby that will occupy your time.
  8. Step away from the wine glass.It may be soothing, but it’s only going to make your symptoms worse. Don’t believe me? Ask the experts!
  9. Talk to someone you trust.A therapist or a friend, everybody needs somebody sometime! (Yes, I’m back to singing!)

    Be sure to check out the full article which includes detailed expert advice on Buzzfeed News.

    Source: Buzzfeed News
    Photo Courtesy: YouTube