Unbreak My Heart: The Review



Lifetime did not mess up this original movie. Well, at least in my opinion, they didn’t.

Saturday night was a great night for tv! #Jonas2016 wasn’t so bad…well, depending on who you were snowed up with. From the endless classic sitcom marathons to the all-time movie favorites, kudos to the networks that thought of the east coast during their program scheduling. We appreciate you!

Unbreak My Heart followed the very emotional rollercoaster career ride of the iconic, Toni Braxton. From her image transformation, to her failed marriage, to her humiliating bankruptcy claims, to her battle with Lupus to the discovery of her autistic son; Toni has been through it! I must say, she executed her story excellently with a very well written script.  Though appearing at times rushed, Unbreak My Heart successfully left its audience (or maybe just me) intrigued and entertained, from beginning to end.

God bless my 90’s baby heart because I have to admit that I learned alot from watching the film. For example, I knew Ms. Braxton filed for bankruptcy but I didn’t know she filed…TWICE! Additionally, who knew Mama Evelyn was #BoutThatLife! “I’mma cut it off” has to win Best Line by a Supporting Actress in somebody’s awards show. Just saying!

One thing’s for sure, the casting was pretty accurate. I mean, was that 90’s Babyface or what?! Debbie Morgan, flawlessly channeled the raw emotions of  heartbroken mother and wife, Evelyn Braxton. (Again, that scene was amazing!) Lexx Scott Davis nailed her performance as Toni, from the short cut to her effortless lip-synching of the entertainer’s vocals. Even the sisters were pretty dead-on, especially the dramatics of my girl, Tamar!

(Okay, okay. I feel you reading me through this post. Yes, Towanda’s pigtails were annoying! There. I said it.)



What did you think of Unbreak My Heart?