It’s Not You, It’s Men!

Ladies, I have good news on this good Fri-Yay!

It’s not you. It’s him.

Now, though we already knew this, dynamic duo Tyrese and Rev. Run are our confirmation. With their upcoming talk show It’s Not You, It’s Men, Tyrese and Rev Run will share their wise (Rev. Run) and fairly unique (Tyrese) views on love, dating, marriage and more.

The duo stopped by The Breakfast Club earlier this week to promote their show which debuts this Saturday, January 23rd at 9/8C on OWN. In a very insightful and entertaining interview, Tyrese and Rev. Run opened up on topics majority of women search daily for answers. Here are some highlights from their interview with The Most Dangerous Morning Show. You may also check out the full interview below.

Tyrese’s view on marriage.

“Everybody is on a mission to get the ring. Women have validation issues, out of this world. They don’t like to talk about it whether they’re conscious about it or not. You want the ring so that you can look good in front of all your home-girls to say that this man thought of me as being worth taking off the market. You want to be at dinner with the ring, look at me I got the ring. Shut up to the women with the validation issues! Now, here’s the bottom line, getting married is not like the Superbowl. When you get the ring, the game is over. When you get married, the game has just started.

At the end of the day, it’s very simple. When you get married…do you even know the person you married? Do I love you more than I know you?…When the smoke clears you don’t even know the person you married.”

Rev. Run on Infidelity

“My first objective, for me, is to not let God down. I made a commitment in church that i was not going to have sex even with her before we got married. So you know I’m not having sex with anybody else. My first commitment is to scripture. Second commitment is I don’t want to hurt her feelings. Why would you want to create that insecurity in your wife? And then the man goes to explain it, over and over, “it’s nothing, she’s nobody”. Then why did you sleep with her? None of that works with a woman, and it doesn’t work because it becomes a self-esteem issue. And you can bring home all kinds of diseases!”

Rev. Run on why men are afraid to commit.

 “I think sometimes it may have to do with the way they were brought up . Afraid of commitment because they may not be able to live up to whatever the girl is expecting. And, or, they just want to run around. They know that they’re not ready to stop running around. “

Good stuff. Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 9pm on OWN!


Cover Photo Courtesy: YouTube