The Style Spotlight with B&JayStyles

” Tis the season to be Fashionable and Fierce”

The Snowflake Vs The Mistletoe

Good Afternoon TNJ Readers, and Happy Holidays!

This week’s Style Spotlight features a day and night look for our Holiday Fashionistas. I’m calling it The snowflake vs The mistletoe!


The Daytime Look

This look features a turtleneck mixed long sleeve sweater by, paired with petite ripped Hayden jeans by Topshop. Ladies, I’m giving you two options for you’re shoe game, the flats are funky and cute by Star Wars C-3po and the sneakers are metallic Britt platform derby shoes by Stella McCartney. When it comes to the coat, this fierce sleeveless Balenciaga will give you 10s across the board! For the finish, this Chanel large pouch bag will send you through the roof because it’s so fierce and Diamond studs for the bling factor.

When night comes upon us and you’re getting dressed to go to that fabulous holiday party, this mistletoe will get all the kisses!

The Nighttime Look

This look features a stripped sweater by Zara paired with an Emerald green circle skirt by Marnie. You’re shoe game for the night most give 10s, so I have paired two shoe options. The first one is for my girly girls: these pina spike 120 scandal heels by Christian Louboutin. And for my edgy rock girls: these black leather Tank boots by Casadei. Since it’s the holidays, I want to feature jewelry, so this Etro gold plated bead and Swarovski crystal necklace I’m living for! Remember Ladies, since we have a chunky necklace we don’t need big earrings. So I have paired these funky heart and club 14 karat gold enamel earrings by Alison Lou. To add an edge, I pulled this black long sleeve zipper jacket by Rotita. And for the finish, a studded clutch by Valentino that will give you rights into the style society! Okayyyyy!

Ladies, as always you can get these looks for less at you’re local H&M, Zara, Forever21 and Macy’s. Have fun with you’re fashion this Holiday Season and tag me in your photos!

-Your #StyleKing,