Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Do Black lives really matter? Or do they only matter to us?

2015 has been a year filled with reoccurring events quite similar to those witnessed by many in 1968. Week after week, a story is reported or a video goes viral of law enforcement officials using ‘excessive force’ or what they say is ‘self defense’.

Oddly enough, majority of these incidents result in tremendous injuries leading to death.  If the sequence of events isn’t already a hard pill to swallow, take into account the lack of justice served on behalf of the injured, deceased and their families. The government, or lack thereof, has failed to accurately practice the principle of ‘justice for all’, a principle we’ve pledged to since the beginning.

Take the most recent controversial cases of Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland. Gray, a 25-year-old African American male was taken into custody  after authorities say he possessed an illegal switchblade. While being transported by the Baltimore Police Department, Gray mysteriously fell into a coma. His death was linked to injuries to his spinal cord.

Courtesy: ABC News

Bland, a 28-year-old African American female was taken into custody after allegedly failing to use her turn signal. She was found dead in her Wall County, Texas jail cell three days later.

As of late Monday evening, a grand jury has decided not to indict anyone in the case of Sandra Bland.

In a press conference, Darrell Jordan, a special prosecutor handling the case said, “After reviewing all the evidence in the death of Sandra Bland, a Waller grand jury did not return an indictment in the death of Bland, nor were any indictments returned against any employee of the Waller County Jail,”

This decision was made after the jury met for more than 8 hours. The grand jury will meet in January to consider other indictments.

Courtesy: USA Today

Dismissed cases and no indictments are disheartening decisions that have led to the power movements of marches, rallies and in some cases, riots. Indeed, it’s almost as if we are experiencing a modern day Civil Rights Movement with the establishment of #BlackLivesMatter. The truth is, we just might.

For decades, many believed the presence of racism was no longer existent. By law, equal rights are for all. Or are they? Perhaps, the presence of racism never truly went away. Maybe, America got better at camouflaging it. Better at camouflaging their inconsideration for the lives of others because according to them, #AllLivesMatter, not just Black ones.

If in fact, #AllLivesMatter, why are only our lives being loss? Why isn’t justice served in these cases if all lives matter?

“Our demand is simple: Stop Killing Us.”

They say what goes on in the dark, will eventually come to light. It’s safe to say we all can vividly see the ugly truth within this country.

Racism, never ended. It simply just waited for its sequel.

Tara Drinks is the Creator and Editor-in-Chief of The New Journalist.

Cover photo: YouTube