It’s Still A Different World

“It’s a different world,than where you come from.”


With episodes covering highly talked about topics like HIV/AIDS, racial profiling and equal rights, this HBCU depicted sitcom was indeed the real deal for its time. Keep it real, after watching one episode, you wanted to be a student at Hillman College!

More than twenty years since its first airing, A Different World remains as a relevant today as it was back then. Let’s #ThrowItBack on this Thursday and revisit  memorable episodes of A Different World that are still true today.

After all, they say art is an imitation of reality. Let’s face it, it’s still A Different World.

  1. When Josie, played by Tisha Campbell, boldly spoke about her fight with HIV.

    2. “They can beat us, kill us, do whatever they want to do and get off. Just like they always do.” When A Different World tackled the issue of racial profiling and police brutality.

    3. “No means no!” When A Different World took a stand on respecting the right to say ‘no’.

    4. “My Grandfather built this country…” When Dwayne had enough of the lingering presence of racism and segregation.

    Video Courtesy: YouTube
    Image Courtesy: Hulu