SoulSunday: Lessons from Kirk Franklin

It’s been said that a Sunday well spent will bring forth a week of content.

Some spend their Sundays in church, receiving a sermon to be meditated on throughout the week and applied for a lifetime. Others may choose to spend their Sundays spending time with family and relaxing. How you choose to spend your Sundays is entirely your decision.

Here at TNJ, SoulSunday will serve as a weekly, inspirational and motivational post that I hope will be of encouragement. This week, we feature Gospel recording artist, Kirk Franklin and his interview with The Breakfast Club that aired this passed Friday.

During his conversation, Kirk Franklin discussed his views on the church, his parents abandoning him, his flaws and how he got to where he is today. An all-around motivational and REAL talk, I hope this interview leaves you feeling enlightened as it did me.

Check out his interview below!

Courtesy: The Breakfast Club

Wishing you all a blessed and productive week!