The Rzistnce

“Expect a resistance.”

That’s what Independent Artist, Jay Karnell told us to do when I first sat down with him for The Resistance of a Young Visionary.

Determined, passionate and hungry for the fulfillment of his vision, Jay Karnell consistently shows us that he is resilient, one that is able to withstand all odds. To say he’s talented is an understatement while to say he’s gifted is a given.

With no desire to fit into the category of normal, Jay Karnell and Chuck are hitting the ground running with an unidentified specific genre of entertainment. Though unknown, the incomparable brothers remind us to always expect a resistance.

A resistance that has come, six months later with the release of their single, “Her”.  I caught up with our friend, Jay Karnell following the release in Short Hills, New Jersey.

Tell me about “Her” and the motivation behind the record.
“Her” is a song about a man that’s torn between two women in his life. One being his lady that he loves, that he’s been with for quite some time. The other is the lady that he has explored as a potential option. Unfortunate but very real, very popular circumstance when it comes to emotions with me and dealing with relationships. It’s not just a physical thing either, it can also be an emotional tearing between two directions. I decided to sit down with Demi Grace who is the writer of the record and came up with this concept. She knocked it out of the park.

It does have some personal elements to [the song] though I haven’t necessarily completely been in a circumstance like this. Sometimes songs have a way of bringing truth into your life even if it’s not initially at conception. There have been some things that have taken place in my life that can relate to this song, so when I get up there it is a real emotion.

Thoughts and emotions on A-List event at Aldo.
I would be lying to you if I said that I wasn’t nervous or I wasn’t anxious about this night. I was a wreck! I didn’t get any sleep the night before, even weeks prior to. There was a lot that took place and a lot that had to happen for this event to take place. Planning, promoting, getting clearance, understanding guidelines of having your event at a company like Aldo, in a mall. It’s not really thought of but I wanted to do something different from everybody I’m connected to. Sometimes, when you want to do something different, you have to put in a different kind of work. I was prepared for that though. I’m thankful for how it came together and I’m definitely grateful for everybody that came and supported me. Definitely happy you came!

When can we expect an album?
When can we expect an album! I can’t really tell you however, I can say that I’m working on music every day. Charles (Chuck) is working on music on the road, every day. He’s on tour with JoJo and gets back home mid-December and we’re hitting the ground running. I can’t give you a when but expect a lot of music and a lot of content coming at you in the near future. We’re not just dealing with the norm of releases; we’re trying to come at you with different things. Expect different, expect a lot of content.

Jay Karnell, The Rzistnce

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