The Style Spotlight with B&Jay


Fellas, this one’s for you! A perfect Fall casual look.

I’ve pulled:

  • a Hood By Air white squatter shirt
  • Balmain light bluejeans
  • A velvet and leather black Balmain bomber jacket
  • Black Brixton Messer fedora
  • Black Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers with silver cuffs.

A few tips:

  • Everyone is wearing hats and I know  guys love your fitted’s, It’s ok for you to join the fad of fedoras! You can pull this look off if you are going on a date or even to the club. If you were going to an event and you liked the concept of this look, you can remove the bomber & the light blue jeans and replace it with a blazer and a pair of black jeans or pants to give it a neat look.
  • If you’re looking to be on trend but still want a relaxed look, take off the Hood By Air squatter shirt and replace it with a Hood By Air fleece sweater. You can remove the Giuseppe shoes and replace with (Pony sneakers) already selected. Keep the Balmain jeans and bomber. Now you have dope boy clean swag.
  • The choice is yours weather or not you want to wear the fedora, this outfit looks good both ways!
  • Keep in mind fellas a little sag is fine but once you start to show underwear it’s very unattractive!Thank Me Later,
    Your favorite stylist,  Basha B

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