The Style Spotlight with B&Jay

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
Coco Chanel

Looking to pull off an edgy, yet chic look for Fall?

Well, look no further!

Lifestyle Coordinators and TNJ Fashion Contributors, Basha B and Alexander Jay of B&JayStyles, share with us one of their favorite looks from their most recent photo-shoot.


“Model Bri Bianca is giving a chic street biker look. I pulled this look for a recent photo shoot featuring fall looks. Everything about this outfit is me! Black and Gold will always be in, no matter the season. I love a good leather jacket that you can wear with anything, but has a statement to it. The gold sequin top is really enough to wear by itself. This beautiful 2011 Versace  H&M collection skirt is a timeless piece with its embroidery along the bottom. Of course, black booties are always a go-to, especially for a long night.

Depending on the occasion you can mix and match any of these pieces.

  1. If you dare to be daring, take off the booties and put on tights with combat boots.
  2. You can remove the skirt & shoes, and add a pair of blue jeans with red wedge/flats or just flats for a casual look.
  3. You can keep the skirt off and wear leather pants to complete the look.
  4. Take away the leather jacket & sequin top to replace it with a blouse and blazer for a professional look.
  5. Keep the booties, put on a hat with a tee-shirt and jeans. Shoes alone can add a big difference to your outfit! It’s ok to pull back out that leather jacket for the cold weather.
  6. Heading out with friends? Put on a crop top and make it flirty! Of course don’t forget your sexy shoes.


Whatever you do remember Basha B; More is always better!

About B&JayStyles

Founded in the Fall of 2012, B&JayStyles is a fashion empire, designed to adhere to the lifestyle needs of men, women and children.

With their mission to help develop their clients’ self-confidence and style knowledge, Chief Executive Officers Basha B and Alexander Jay, possess the admirable ability to effortlessly adapt to the ever-changing styles of the fashion industry. B&JayStyles pursues a vision and passion for fashion while specializing in personal styling, closet makeovers and fashion shows.

IMG_4540Basha B, B&JayStyles

IMG_4553Alexander Jay, B&JayStyles