October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign with a mission to increase knowledge.

According to the American Cancer Society, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. While many are aware of the severity of breast cancer, many still forget to take the necessary steps in detecting it early. Furthermore, many forget to encourage their peers to do the same.

As way of observing this month, TNJ has launched #WhyIWearPink. With this campaign, we strive to provide a platform for all to share their stories of their current fight, stories of survival and courage and/or stories that pay honor to those who’ve succumbed to their fight. Stories that boldly share, why you wear pink.

Check out #WhyIWearPink submissions below:


I wear pink for my grandma who fought and beat breast cancer. My grandma is my very own personal Beyoncé (survivor). Cancer doesn’t discriminate, however we tend to ignore it until it hits home. It’s important to educate ourselves and others on this disease that effects so many of our people, so we can help thousands of women.
-Désa Bowers, Co-Founder/Director, I Am Dancers

IMG_5014Pink means to me, embracing strength with grace. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. Till this day, I am a prime believer that helping her get through her fight was her strength, and by the grace of God she kept pushing to survive.
Elizabeth, Brooklyn, NY

IMG_5843“Empowering Motivated Minds” supports Breast Cancer Awareness. Today, we walked for a cause. We wear pink in honor of two women who survived this disease, Regina Pierce and Marilyn Drinks. We support the research into breast cancer because everyday is filled with greater resolve to stopping this from happening. Every 10 minutes, another woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and every 45 minutes another woman dies from this disease. As we stand together, advocating for hope and promoting detection while providing help by spreading awareness and encouraged those affected by breast cancer. WE WEAR PINK for our strong survivors and for those who fell victim to the disease.

-Aleruchi, New York, NY

IMG_4354I wear pink because it’s a constant reminder that there is nothing too hard for God and that the strength of a woman is limitless. I wear pink simply because Grandma survived.
-Cordelia, Optimistically Maverick

Special thanks to all who submitted for our campaign! It’s not too late to join in. Simply email, tnewjournalist@gmail.com and tell us why you wear pink!