Fall’s Designer to Watch: Meet Marquise Foster

It’s been said many times before; if you know how to dress, your favorite season is officially here. The season of dark colors, detailed cardigans and mid-length coats. Indeed, Fall is here and so is Marquise Foster.

Knowing that many are so eager to embark on shopping sprees, in search of that new Fall look; the 26-year-old self-taught Designer has a new collection one needs not to miss.

Having recently let go of his fears, Foster is more confident than ever. His humbled spirit has made way for opportunities he’s still in shock of. To name a few, dressing Bravo TV reality star Dr. Tabasum Mir for the cover of Pilar Scratch’s Fashion Gxd Magazine to currently working with celebrity stylist Arzo Anwar.

From his love of bold colors, to his eye for intricate detail, to his unique yet classic usage of lace, it is without question that Marquise Foster is indeed one of a kind. Evidently, he is Fall’s Designer to Watch.

Meet the incomparable, Marquise Foster.

We’ve just wrapped up Fashion Week here in NYC. Tell me, did you participate this year?
MF: I did. I actually put myself out there to prepare myself for February. I’m not working to putting the pieces together. Having the right connections and meeting the right people has been helping me to want to do this. I met Arzo, she was on the show Blood, Sweat and Heels. She owns a showroom and dresses different celebrities, she also does fashion show productions. She loves my stuff and definitely wants to work together.

Who doesn’t love your clothes?
MF: [laughs] Thank you! Sometimes, I don’t know what people think of my things. I’m calm, reserved and very humble. I’m not used to compliments so I’m just now starting to own and accept it. I’m in the modest stage of my work.

Fall is around the corner! Tell me about your fall collection. Will there be lace? [laughs]
MF: There will definitely be some lace. [laughs] But, I’m drawing inspiration from one of my favorite movies, The Devil Wears Prada. My number one character was Miranda. She never left her house without a coat and a bag! So this season, I’m focusing on coats and bags, coats being a main accessory to each outfit and look. Floor length coats, mid-length coats, coats with fur and coats with leather. I want to focus on both fall and neutral colors, like off-white, plum, grey and solid black. For bags, crocodile cream-colored clutches, also in green. These clutches have pretty much skyrocketed and have become a big hit. I’ve already sold some.

What I love about your pieces is that, it’s affordable!
MF: Yes! I plan on always keeping prices at a good level. Not everyone is rich. I’ve learned everything on my own, learning and watching different documentaries. From seeing what Anna Wintour has to say, to what editors have said to emerging designers about not making their price range so high. That will drive away your customers. I understand the price points of Zara, H&M and Forever 21, because majority of my friends shop there. That’s also why you see so much success with stores like H&M bringing in big designers because those designers know that there is a lot of money in those who love to shop but do not want to spend a lot! I let it be known how much the fabric is, my price for sewing and so on. I don’t want to break anyone’s pockets!

How did you get started?
MF: My mind was so far from fashion! I wanted to be an inventor like Dexter’s Lavatory. I wanted to invent anything. Then my focus started shifting. I started to get into art, I really like painting. It wasn’t until my senior year in high school when my teacher told me now was the time to really decide what I wanted to do with my future. I really didn’t know but I knew I liked to dress. So I took a fashion merchandising course that helped to open my eyes in the realm of merchandising something. There was a scholarship competition coming up and my teacher gave me a sewing machine for me to figure it out. I figured it all out and made a dress. I didn’t submit it for the scholarship but I did stick with it since being 18. I’m now 26.

I’ve said it before; your collections are already phenomenal. Who do you look to for inspiration?
MF: My favorite designer is Roberto Cavalli. I love, love, love him! I love the way he can mix prints with furs and lace and just anything. He can put anything together and it still looks bomb! Other designers don’t really pull it off well but every time, he hits it on the nose! Also, Chanel.

What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far as a designer?
MF: I would have to say, letting go of my fears. For a few years, I had a fear of people judging my work and not perceiving it the way I wanted them to. People viewing my work and me, less than. In high school, I did a prom dress for this girl. I did exactly what she wanted, fabric and everything. At the last minute, she decided she didn’t want the dress and it discouraged me.

Up until about a year ago, I didn’t have the confidence to put my work out there the way I do now. I would say that was the biggest things for me, having the World embrace my art and creativity. It makes me want o create more!

Tell me, what’s next?
MF: This collection that will be a mix of men and women! It will really let the World know who I am as a designer for both male and female. I’m going to do about six looks for each. In the past, I’ve received mixed reviews on both lines. One season, my male line may be stronger than the other. The next season, it will be different. I want each sex to have its strong points and to be well received. I’m really excited about it!

Do you have a preference?
MF: I really prefer to do gowns. What I want to do in a year or two is haute couture gowns. I want to honestly be the next Alexander McQueen. If I had to pick a hero, he would be it. When I think of his name, I get chills!

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be and why?
MF: Humble. It sums up a lot of things in my life. From the way I was raised, to where I was born, in Louisiana. My grandmother always taught us to be humble. Showing people that you’re humble, people will come to you as opposed to you have to go to them.


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