When Queens Talk: Zendaya’s Barbie

Well, look at this!

A Barbie with dreadlocks? Say it isn’t so! It is!

19-year old Disney star Zendaya Coleman has become the latest celebrity to have an official Barbie doll created in her likeness. The official doll replicates Zendaya’s most talked about 2015 Oscar red carpet look.

“The doll looks exactly like my look!” Coleman shared in an exclusive interview with Vogue. The star added that she’s appreciative of how detailed the doll is, right down to the hair. Yes, Mattel replicated the hair!
As many may recall, Giuliana Rancic’s comments on the singer’s dreadlocks were neither the most pleasant nor respectful. In an episode of “Fashion Police”, the star was quoted for saying; “I feel like she smells like patchouli oil … or weed.”
However, no worries as Zendaya quickly took to her Instagram account, serving a sincere read right back to Giuliana. In her lengthy quote, Zendaya addressed the remark adding that locs is a hairstyle that has nothing to do with drugs, ultimately comparing it to the strength and beauty of a lion’s mane.
Though there is only one doll that was created, with the continued response of fans yearning to own their own; it just might end up on the shelves of your local toy stores.

Congratulations to Zendaya! You are indeed a Queen who TALKED and INSPIRED a change! We salute you.