Tabasum’s Project

TNJ caught up with the beautiful Dermatologist and Television Star to discuss some of her summertime beauty tips, her views on reality dating and an inside look on her next endeavors.

Casually dressed in a loosely-fit beige top paired with khaki shorts and sandals, Dr. Tabasum Mir vibrantly arrives to her Fashion Gxd Magazine cover shoot. The Dermatologist turned Bravo TV reality star, is gracing the magazine’s August issue, which will highlight and recognize the powerful woman.

Without question, Dr. Mir is suitably fit for the title “Powerful Woman” and her life’s journey can attest to it. A graduate of New York University, her work in cosmetic dermatology is highly recommended and well respected among many of New York’s celebrities. She’s recently launched MirSkin care, her line of products specifically designed for skincare.

If that’s not enough to be crowned a Powerful Woman, Dr. Mir is consistently applying her knowledge and wisdom of health into charity, raising funds for organizations like Operation Smile.

TNJ: Your skin is absolutely beautiful and it’s summertime! What is your secret?
TM: Thank you! I’m a dermatologist, so I actually do not sit out in the sun. If I do, I wear tons of sun block. I use a lot of Glycolic acid products like creams and pads, because it really helps with the pores because they do get congested in the summer. So that’s what I do!

TNJ: The Singles Project, what have you learned from reality dating?
TM: I think that it’s really hard to do authentically on camera because what happens is you have everybody watching so you can’t really be yourself. The most important thing is that you don’t know their motivations are because it’s live, more or less. I felt like people were watching and saying everything that needed to be said, once the cameras came on, to impress me. I couldn’t tell who was genuine and who wasn’t.

TNJ: Do you think you can find true love on Reality TV?
TB: No, I don’t think so. Too many things interfere. You have a producer whispering in your ear like “Maybe you have to be flirty or maybe you have to do this?” You don’t know what they’re saying to the other person because they are trying to create this [story line]. I think it’s really hard and I don’t think it works!

TNJ: You’re building your own practice, you have your own skin care line (congratulations on that by the way), reality TV, what’s next for Tabasum Mir?
TB: Thank you! More TV. I have GlamMir blog where I’m doing product reviews, health, beauty, and celebrity interviews. I have a podcast coming out on CBS and I’m working on another show. I want this show to be more helpful rather than drama-filled; something that focuses on beauty, health and being a doctor as opposed to a single woman. [laughs]

TNJ: Tabasum, thank you so much! It was a pleasure talking with you.
TM: Thank you!


TNJ Creator, Tara Drinks with Dr. Tabasum Mir
Photography: John Sosa, PicasoSosa Photography

Special thanks to Pilar Scratch, EIC of Fashion Gxd Magazine and her phenomenal staff for the opportunity to interview Dr. Mir.