Drew’s Way

A conqueror of many obstacles, Deion opens up to TNJ about who he is, the impact loss has had on his life journey and the reason for his explicit passion. In essence, an introduction to Drew’s Way.

Born into an already existing legacy of music, Deion Wright believes he’s a creator. A creator of all things honest, or as he calls it,organic. He represents a renaissance, a rebirth of the power one finds within. A power that the peculiar artist possesses for the many he’s encountered that do not.

Dressed in an over-sized white t-shirt, fitted black jeans paired with black boots, he reflects an urban lifestyle. It’s without question that Deion displays on the exterior the mentality his lives daily. At just 19 years old, Deion has experienced a level of loss unimaginable by many yet continues to press forward in continuing the legacy that was set out before him.

TNJ: Who is Deion?
DW: Deion is a creator. Probably the most influential person the World has yet to meet. I’m a singer, a songwriter by association. I’m a lover of all things that are organic and natural.

TNJ: You say you’re probably one of the most influential people the World has yet to meet. Why is that?
DW: Because of the places I’ve been, the things that I’ve seen, the heartache I’ve endured and the triumphs, I’ve overcome. The person that I am, the stories that I want to tell, all come from an honest place.

TNJ: You don’t have a stage name, why is that?
DW: If I got on stage and said call me “Blue Magic”, that’s a persona. That’s who I am when I’m on stage. What you get on stage is what you get when I see you. I live what I sing and I sing what I live.

TNJ: What makes your music different from what’s already out there?
DW: It’s organic. Anyone can write a love song, but not many can write a honest song.

TNJ: What inspires your music? You mention a lot of your experiences, let’s talk about it.
DW: I saw my parents split up when I was 13 and that still bothers me to this today. I’ll never have that perfect family. My grandmother and my brother passed when I was 12 in a car accident, they were hit head-on by a drunk driver. That pushed me to take my talents and channel them the right way.

I first started singing in the church choir, like everyone else does. Then I started singing to get girls [laughs] But I always knew I was a dope individual! Some may call it arrogance, I’m just confident in my abilities.

TNJ: Who do you get your confidence from?
DW: I get my confidence from the little boy who didn’t have confidence. The little boy who looked at himself in the mirror and said why not? I get my confidence from my brother who was bullied every day. I get my confidence from the kids who don’t have but want to have.

TNJ: Why music?
DW: I was born into a family of music. My grandfather, Rev. Timothy Wright was a famous Gospel artist, if you’re into that type of stuff! [laughs]
TNJ:Thee Rev. Timothy Wright!
DW: Yes, him. He definitely instilled [that love for music] in his kids and grand-kids. It was always so cool to drop him off at the airport to go to Spain and sing for another country. If you can affect people through song, you must be good! I wanted to affect people as well.

TNJ: Every artist has their trials and tribulations. Tell me about some of your traumatic experiences and how you are using them to bring forth a positive outcome?
DW: My most recent traumatic experience was losing who I call “my brother” Day-Day. I deal with it every day. When my brother passed, De’von was there. He didn’t have a little brother so he took me in. Besides my Uncle Dwayne, he’s the one who brought me into the industry.

When I was 17, he took me to a Pusha T because he was working for him. At the end, he introduced me to everyone as his little brother. With him passing, it really hit me that he passed by being on the road doing his craft. So I’m now going to chase my dream and when God says my time is up, there will be nothing I can do about it.

(De’von Pickett, affectionately known as Day-Day was tragically murdered this passed February in Philadelphia while preparing for tour with recording artist Nicki Minaj)

TNJ: Three things mean the most to you: God, family and faith. Put them in order and tell me why.
DW: God is the greatest. Faith is all I have truthfully. I didn’t realize until I was 18 how much family means to me.

TNJ: Why do you think it took so long to realize how much family meant to you?
DW: I didn’t reach rock bottom yet. When my parents split up, I still had hope because I was a kid who didn’t know. I’ve seen the light, I’ve seen the dark.

TNJ: Let’s talk about your music. What is Deion working on?
DW: I’m working on my EP. I want to put it out soon. I’m still in the creating process. I want to talk about everything!

TNJ: What do you want to leave behind?
DW: I want to leave behind a legacy of taking the word impossible out of the human dictionary. That word does not apply to the type of person that is a go-getter!

TNJ: What keeps you going?
DW: I’ll never get to hear my brothers say that they’re proud of me and until I get to see them face to face, I won’t stop.

TNJ: One word that describes Deion.
DW: Visionary. I see the way things can be, the way things are and the way things are going.