A Summer Must Read

Actress, fashion designer, and self-made entrepreneur Lala Anthony has done it again!

Early last month, the New York Times bestselling author released The Power Playbook, her outline of lessons learned and wisdom obtained on her journey to professional success. Lala’s sound advice includes tips on how to establish financial independence (Help us, Lala!) and how to find balance for a satisfying life.

Grab a notebook and pen as I summarize Seven Power Lessons Lala preaches (I mean, teaches) throughout her latest work.

  1. The Power of Fear

Fear is the one thing that separates people successfully living their dreams by those who are still hoping and wishing. At some point in our lives, we are afraid; whether we are afraid of heights or afraid of being loved. Lala shares that fear prevents us from taking chances and stops us from believing. Courage is the act of overcoming fear, power is the result of doing so.

  1. The Power of Gratitude

In business (especially), gratitude will take you far but only if it is natural. Lala provides us with four simple ways to express gratitude in order to cultivate lasting relationships. They are:

  • Writing a note to express your appreciation
  • Creating an environment of kindness and respect
  •  Giving thoughtful gifts
  • Saying hello

Simple, right?

  1. The Power of Persistence

We are more likely to obtain the opportunity if we are persistent. Opportunities only become successes when we take the initiative to go for them! Sometimes, it takes stepping away (when you’ve received that deny) and doing something on your own to make people come around. No matter what, Lala urges us to keep moving, keep striving; don’t quit.

  1. The Power of Failing

Failings are powerful fuels for success. Failure teaches us five important lessons. It teaches us about ourselves, it shows us what doesn’t work, it makes us stronger, it gives us understanding and empathy and it makes us better.

  1. The Power of Your Brand

Regardless of what field we are in, we must view ourselves as a brand and a good reputation should be of upmost importance. Being a brand means thinking about how we want to be perceived, it means looking beyond the now and well into the future.  Lala’s Tip: Build a brand to shape where you ultimately want to go.

  1. The Power of Elimination: People, Thoughts, and Things

Surrounding ourselves with positive people and influences are the keys to achieving goals.  We must eliminate those who are unsupportive and learn how to protect dreams until they have been achieved. We must take inventory of the unnecessary in our lives. Less is more and that should be the message for our success.

  1. The Power Within

Lala concludes by reminding us that we are all born with everything that we need to achieve whatever our minds conceive. The catch is, we need time to obtain wisdom, knowledge and courage. People never reach their potential or pursue their dreams because they allow outside factors to hold them back.

We all have the power, we just have to believe it and use it to unleash our goals.
Good stuff, right? Wise words, Lala! TNJ thanks you.

If you haven’t already done so, I urge you to pick up The Power Playbook from your local book store. It is THE summer read!